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Urvam :- It is The French Translation of:-Man Powered Flight Association .

Union pour la Réalisation du Vol Athlétique ou Mini-motorisé.

We started in 1959 (Yes, it's not a mistake!).Pilots technicians and other aeronautics passionnates have created the URVAM.
Some times after, one of the first objectives was to match in the Kremer Price which has been won, as you know, by the "Gossamer Condor" of the American Mac Cready in 1977.Followed by the flight over the Channel with the Gossamer Albatross" in 1979.
In 1988 , an MIT team flew 115km with the "Daedalus" in Greece.
On the contrary of what had been always said, they proved that Human Powered Flight was Possible!
Of course it was not our air-bicycle....:-too delicate , high cost and necessity of crew...!
-Would it be possible to do better?
-Yes!said URVAM which continued ,because some of us, thought that, with the example of Nature, the real solution could perhaps be obtained by copying what birds and insects do very well for a million years, I mean, in flapping their wings.
For that reason and many others ,the URVAM's partners have attempted, individually or by teams, the development of some experimental models or normal sized flapping wings prototypes, though modified gliders or complete new airplanes.
Public shows,on the ground, have been made at Vincennes or Le Bourget airfields in 1987, 1988 and 1990.
Technical researches and many experiences were tested, especially with French Institutes.
Non coventional models with elastic or rigid profiles, fixed plus beating wings, with single or multiples surfaces, have well flown.
Three Man powered ornithopters airplanes are now tested. One of them seems able to maintain horizontal flight during 5 minutes.We will publish official results at soon as possible.
We are looking forward wihe Micro Powered Flight too(even if not Ornithopters),but on these conditions: -small power, safety , lightness, and low cost.Very often, those projects are the result of original principles, such as :- Round wing, Flying Flea, Controled elastic wing ,Vibrating wing,Inflated wing, Bird or insect shaped wing, Hovering flight, etc...
Even if Man powered is not involved, this activity is a complement of it , by the fact that similar energetic, mecchanical, materials or aerodynamic researches are requested.
URVAM is an Association , declared under the French law of 1901, as same as a Sporting Club, or a Cultural Group, With non commercial or lucratives intents.
It has an Important Documentation a disposal of our Members and organizes Technical Meetings.We maintain contacts between us in publishing reports, 4 times a year.
It is affiliated to the Aeroclub de France , the oldest Aeroclub in the World (100 years) and is in relation with Air and Sport French federations.
We are in correspondance with people concerned in the same activity of : Australia,Canada,Germany,Great Britain, Italy,JApan, USA....

If you want to join the URVAM team, contact us thought our e-mail.

E-Mail : contact@urvam.org

URL http://ovirc.free.fr/urvam.php

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